The post-war boom in Consumer Packaged Goods is no more. As growth rates in consumption begin to stagnate, customer service expectations continue to surge. This is the age of the Amazon native generation, a market where omni-channel is a glorious if painful reality, where C2C retail threatens to upend traditional retail. With the profitability of all actors set to take a serious hit, retailers and manufacturers should spend big on time and energy to enhance on- and offline processes and strategies.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in consumer goods and retail:

  • Reconciling client & product marketing in retail, and converting them into revenues
  • Point of sale solutions 3.0: the future of check-outs in the mobile age
  • Digitalization in the Luxury industry: improved omni-channel customer experience
  • Stock keeping unit optimization: mastering complexity to increase value


Magasin connecté points de vente pression technologique

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Travel retail

Travel retail : what are the prospects and what strategies should brands and retailers adopt?

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Omnichannel, hypermobility and digital: the challenges of retail

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The ten pitfalls of commercial negotiations

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Key results of the Barometer online customer experience – e-business

Analysis of the digital maturity of 22 e-commerce stores.

Restructuring retail networks: the large-scale maneuvers begin

Mature markets, saturated sales territories, and the rise of e-commerce and m-commerce: the opening of retail outlets needs to adapt to new realities…

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