The race is on. Digital transformation is changing the face of businesses at an unprecedented pace. After decades of under-investment in cybersecurity, businesses are trying to catch-up, facing new threats while anticipating potential security breaches. Meanwhile, cyber criminals have gained ground, forcing authorities to introduce new legislation.

Winning at digital transformation means defining a clear cybersecurity strategy at board level, then executing it with help from relevant business teams and IT departments. Time has come to value digital trust as a strategic asset to win the digital transformation race.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in cybersecurity and digital trust:

  • Cybersecurity strategy: risk assessment and crisis management
  • Safe Digital Transformation: big data, cloud, Internet of things & industry 4.0
  • Digital compliance: privacy, critical infrastructure and sector regulations
  • Digital identity, fraud and trust services

Among all cybersecurity offers, discover in details:


Online bank fraud fighting

The new methods in the fight against online bank fraud

The digital age goes hand-in-hand with an increasing number of crimes and attacks against banks and companies handling banking data. Discover the three main threads in the fight against fraud.

Hong Kongcybersecurity program banking industry

Hong Kong launches a major cybersecurity program for its banking industry

At the end of June 2016, while SWIFT was disclosing substantial losses due to cyber-attacks, the authorities of Hong Kong were announcing new regulations for the financial institutions.

Cybersecurity and the NIS directive: the European Union faces a challenge of consistency

EU member states must grapple with a new duty of consistency and cooperation. How can Europe best strengthen its cybersecurity?

Privacy in the digital world : beyond compliance, towards trust

Discover the results of the Wavestone’s survey on citizens’ perception about privacy in the digital world.

Identity Access Governance

Identity and Access Governance: finally providing identity management eyes and ears on the ground?

Successfully addressing IAM can bring many benefits but its implementation often faces many challenges. Could Identity and Access Governance (IAG) provide the answer and assure the success of IAM projects?

Blockchain: finding the right balance between risk and innovation

This RiskInsight letter aims to interpret the evolutions concerning Blockchain and their function, to explain the risks and the documented attacks to allow you to find the right balance between risk and innovation.

eIDAS Heading towards a digitally trustworthy Europe

eIDAS – Heading towards a digitally trustworthy Europe

The aim of the new legislation concerning eIDAS is to “build trust in the on-line environment” by delivering a comprehensive cross-border and cross-sector framework for secure, trustworthy and easy-to-use electronic transactions between citizens, businesses and public authorities.

The Internet of Things: the 4 security dimensions of smart devices

Like all major technological revolutions, digital transformation is spreading over many areas: home automation , physical security, mobility, healthcare…

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