Faced with today’s new digital paradigm, pressure to innovate and shortened time-to-market,  IT transformation is no longer an option for any industry. How can CIOs succeed and make sure IT is ready for the future of their business? By making the wise investments that go beyond operational efficiency: leverage on agility enablers, anticipate technology trends and implement today architectures to support tomorrow’s business.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in IT & data architecture:

  • Turn your IT into an enabler for agility: Modular architecture, cloud and devops
  • Prepare your IT for next business challenges: Data analytics, machine learning & next generation platforms (IoT, Blockchain)
  • Enhance your IT efficiency by reshaping your applications, infrastructures & digital workplace


Why your IT strategy has to rely on public Cloud first

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Players in Data Governance

First, we pointed the need to govern enterprise data and identified the activities linked to their management. Now meet the main players involved in Data Governance.

Seven steps to delivering successful technology transformation

The transformation of network and communications services can bring great business benefits if the programme is carefully managed…

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