Real estate is an economic sector in its own right. It’s also a strong performance opportunity for private and public sector businesses outside the industry. To remain relevant, real estate must meet digital challenges head-on, starting with the future of jobs and roles. Within a framework of constant optimization and transformation, real estate performance is a powerful way for users to reduce costs, increase profits and drive change.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in the real estate industry:

  • Real estate performance: A major value creation opportunity for private companies and public structures
  • Digital transformation of real estate players
  • Observatories to create value for real estate players with big data


How to use real estate to leverage value creation : 7 sources of performance leverage

Rationalizing and optimizing real estate assets has to become a priority for private and public actors looking to make significant savings…

What are the solutions for solving the difficult financial equation of “2nd generation” urban renewal projects?

After a first generation of Urban Renewal Projects (URP) as part of the French national urban renewal program (PNRU), a second wave of projects is being developed throughout the French territory…

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