The power shift is underway. Traditional telecoms operators and content distributors are losing ground to consumers. As new competitors (OTT, GAFA) continue to disrupt the market, content, mobile and fixed services are converging. The impact? An inevitable decline in profits. Yet these changes provide traditional players with new opportunities: to leverage their wealth of data; to regain their competitive edge with innovative services rather than price; to venture into new business horizons.

Discover the key ideas and issues driving our commitment to telco, media & entertainment: 

  • Creating a customer-centric media
  • The future of free and paid TV players
  • Beyond telecoms: towards vertical integration and diversification
  • Lean telecoms


Customer centric media

The whys and wherefores of the transformation of press into customer-centric media

More than ever before, the sustainability of press groups hinges on their ability to maximize digital content revenues. Although essential, brand and editorial content should now be supplemented by a rich and innovative customer experience.

Challenges and impacts created by “Over-The-Top” (OTT) players in the African telecommunication sector

As Over-The-Top players eclipse traditional telecoms operators, how can the latter protect their revenues and margins?

Lean media: a first step toward digital media

Media groups are increasingly caught between declining traditional outlets and an inability to find a perennial model for digital media. The answer? A lean media strategy that centers business activities on profitable markets while paving the way for digital investment.

Africa: the new springboard for growth for French media groups

Africa’s recent economic dynamism has led to a surge in interest among French media companies looking for new sources of growth. An in-depth analysis.

Cultural and creative sectors: economic solutions in a digital age

While creative sectors still struggle to find their way in digital, they remain at the forefront of innovation. How can a hybrid economy help promote…

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