How it works

After a resume has been selected, recruitment follows a process of three interviews: the first with a recruitment professional, and then interviews with a manager (or senior operational manager), and finally with a partner.

As part of the process, your level of English will be thoroughly tested and a case-study exercise carried out.

Candidates applying for support function and commercial roles also take a PAPI (Personality and Preference Inventory) test®. The test is taken online and followed by a debriefing with a trained PAPI ® practitioner.

For internships, candidates will be interviewed by a recruitment professional and one (or two) professionals from the company.

Assessment criteria

The entire process is designed to assess the candidate’s motivations, their capacity for analysis, and how well their career aspirations and personality fit with our corporate objectives and culture. Use of a series of interviews allows all those involved to come to a considered view on the candidate’s potential to develop within the company.

Today, less than 10% of candidates entering the recruitment process reach the stage of a job offer. The demanding nature of our approach to recruitment goes hand in hand with a commitment to transparency in the process: every candidate receives comprehensive feedback from a recruitment professional, regardless of the outcome.