Eshaa Sidi, Manager

A She Talks Interview with Eshaa Sidi, to explore her journey from Analyst to Manager and find out about her favourite part of her job - being a Career Development Manager.

Can you describe your journey at Wavestone?

I joined Wavestone over 5 years ago as an analyst having completed an Economics degree at the University of Warwick and if I’m being honest, not entirely sure what I wanted to do in the future.

Luckily, my journey at Wavestone has been incredibly varied, fulfilling and refreshing. Since joining, I’ve worked on numerous engagements across multiple industries ranging from Financial Services to Energy & Utilities to Retail and covering a wide range of topics from large sourcing programmes, to cost reduction exercises, to redesigning target operating models, to developing technology strategies and even dipping my feet into the Cybersecurity world and working on crisis management exercises. As a manager now, I’m the one leading these types of engagements, with a great team of consultants around me.

To add to this, one of my favourite things about Wavestone is that it’s not all just about delivery, with the ability to be part of all sorts of internal projects and activities at the same time. Stand outs throughout the years so far for me are working on the weekly company newsletter, organising our Summer Party, and not to mention, singing with the UK band, the Wavestone Roses.

What does your average day look like?

As a consultant, you are always tackling different challenges as you work your way through multiple client engagements each year and explore new topics, areas & methodologies. Typically, I tend to split my time each day between client work and internal work. I’ll start the morning by catching up with my project teams to see what need’s doing that day or that week and prepare for any upcoming meetings. The rest of the day is then dedicated towards either carrying out the delivery of that client work or any focussing on any internal items on the agenda such as catching up with those I manage or working on any relevant business development tasks such as building a proposal for a prospective client.

Can you share any recent trends that have caught your attention?

No surprises here but I think it would have to be AI and in particular, ChatGPT or the like. We’ve recently seen it emerge as a disruptive force across all industries and it is changing the way companies operate or wish to operate. As a result, not only are our clients increasingly looking for help and support from consultants in this space, but it will also start to change the way we carry things out as consultants and Wavestone ourselves.

Firstly, in terms of analytics & insights: such analysing and crunching through data quicker and generating insights which lead to more informed decisions. And secondly in terms of the automation of tasks: automating manual and repetitive administrative tasks.

What's one of your favourite things about your job?

Being a Career Development Manager is my favourite and the most rewarding aspect of my job. Having been in their shoes not long ago, I hope this transpires over into the advice and support I can provide them and being able to see my CDMees (that’s what we call our direct reports at Wavestone!) develop and grow over time (and them recognising this) is the best feeling. It’s incredibly fulfilling

What inspired you to become a Career Development Manager?

This is easy. My Career Development Managers! I’ve had two during my time here and they’ve both been instrumental in shaping and supporting my career journey. To add to this, I think the role is something which is quite unique to Wavestone and having someone there throughout your time who will support you in every part of the role and act as your sounding board is something I’ve found to be invaluable. So, undoubtedly, I knew I wanted to become one and to be able to play a part a part in this for somebody else.

Can you describe it?

As a Career Development Manager, (the clue is in the title but) I support my CDMees with their development at Wavestone whilst also taking an active role in communicating this to the business as well helping them to understand the way that Wavestone operates.

To achieve this, I’ll help with:

  • Outlining what's expected from their role
  • Setting their objectives and regularly tracking their performance and monitoring their development
  • Ensuring they are effectively represented in terms of staffing decisions and their development objectives

What is one piece of advice you’d offer yourself on your first day at Wavestone?

Venture outside your comfort zone more and say yes to the stuff that scares you because you have all ability, opportunity and support around you to do so.

Lastly, do you feel like gender equality within the sector has progressed since you started as an analyst?

I’ve definitely seen a positive shift in terms of commitment, recruitment and better awareness & recognition of the need for a balanced gender distribution but there is always more that can be done.

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