A client that is a mutual fund group which is active in asset insurance, banking and savings, health and provident funds asked Wavestone to create a transformation plan and support its implementation.


Wavestone helped the client overcome various challenges:

  • To obtain the full commitment of top management to the priorities
  • To create a realistic change path that combines professional milestones, IT prerequisites and the ability to achieve
  • To create a governance tailor-made for the challenges of the strategic plan, which is consistent with the business’s governance
  • To develop transversatility within the group
  • To articulate the budgetary targets and the plan’s objectives

Key success factors

From a review of the portfolio of projects through to operational support for the strategic projects, Wavestone provided senior management with support to achieve its transformation targets.

Turning the initial concept into a portfolio of concrete projects facilitated the collective mobilization of top management to achieve the priorities, to create the group’s transformation road map and to align governance and means on the strategic priorities.

The definition of the organizational target for all business lines for the entire client relationship has facilitated strengthening transversatility within the group in addition to the creation of programmes mainly with a manager attached to the new Transformation Department.