The Group CIO of a large multi-national bank asked Wavestone to provide guidance and direction on a major migration and business transformation programme within one of its Core Global Business Divisions.


Wavestone was requested to support the delivery of the programme and specific areas including UAT, End User Computing, Reporting, Warranty, supporting Training and managing the business sign off process.

After having missed previous implementation dates, the Wavestone team joined and both initial European sites went live on the revised implementation date.

Answers and key factors for success

Having implemented some of the most complex banking integration and separation programmes, Wavestone’s experience, plus its programme, planning and tracking toolset, Proceed, successfully emphasised and proved the importance of forming and maintaining an effective Programme Plan.

The programme struggled for nearly two years and missed two implementation dates before Wavestone joined the team. Six months later, both sites went live.

Wavestone was recognised by both Programme and Group Executive Stakeholders as having made a significant difference and recognised as multi skilled delivery personnel who provided strong leadership, guidance and capability.


“It is great to see such a positive launch and associated recognition from the Management team. We had lots of help from many outstanding people, but a special thank you to this team. Congratulations and thank you. It is a pleasure to be associated with such a group!”

Group COO