A global leader in optimized resource management, has undergone a large-scale transformation project. In this context, the Group hoped to improve the management of their activities at all levels of the organisation by:

  • Defining and implementing a common management model, within the entire Group, reflecting the activity and the challenges faced by the company.
  • Capitalizing on new technology in order to implement a new, agile and multifunctional management solution.


Wavestone supported this client to address three main challenges:

  • Design and structure a management model for the Group’s performance: define a framework of unified management which allow the evaluation and management of economic, commercial and operational performance at different levels of the organization
  • Align the entire organization: increase membership to ensure an effective implementation of the new management model across all activities and functions
  • Coordinate and collaborate for better management: facilitate the return of information and management, allowing for an active collaboration through an evolving and ergonomic solution; which allows performance monitoring, harmonized and built in seamlessly with planning and predictions.

Responses and key factors for success

From the definition of the model until the implementation of the BI Group solution, Wavestone undertook a co-construction approach:

  • Defining a coherent and pragmatic management model, proposing definitions, rules of management and shared segmentations.
  • Construction of a consensus: workshops involving all professions and activities, speeding up membership and validation (co-construction of the target, convergence seminars)
  • Reactiveness and speed in the solution roll-out: adoption of an agile method, allowing to reduce the time needed for concept and preparation. An iterative approach, with POC (proof of concept) realization, guaranteeing the compatibility of the solution with the functional needs by strong involvement of users.