Could this be the most important tool in navigating the Operational Resilience road ahead?

The Operational Resilience requirements require firms to produce a self-assessment document which shows how they will meet the expected outcomes, and to be made available to the supervisory authorities on request.

The ‘Operational Resilience Self-Assessment’ will require a shift in the way that established self-assessment processes (such as the RCSA) can be utilised in order to report and document the full scope of a firms approach to meeting the Operational Resilience requirements, as well as understand current limitations.

The journey to 2025 will be a long and winding road. This insight paper provides advice on how to get there. It covers:

  • The evolution of  the self assessment
  • Future of Operational Resilience
  • Why the self-assessment be the most important tool in the Operational Resilience toolkit
  • The 8 Self Assessment requirements
Mathew Wells

Mathew Wells

Senior Manager

Firm’s should really take stock of their first Operational Resilience Self-Assessment to truly understand where they are today and identify the key limitations in their Operational Resilience capabilities. This will be key to identifying the next steps that firms need to look for in order to build a level of sophistication to meet the 2025 expectations.

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