What are the emerging trends?

Recent changes of work practices (accelerated by the COVID epidemic) have created a paradigm shift in the way network security should be delivered, enabled by next generation SASE technology. With a need to support increasingly distributed workforces and adjust to applications, data and other network resources becoming available in a decentralised manner.

Today’s challenge now centres around balancing business demands for access to internet and public Cloud delivered services whilst safeguarding integrity from a rising number of threats. Consequently, cybersecurity professionals need the ability to swiftly adapt to new security needs – keeping users, data, and devices safe from major threats and attacks. Therefore with the rise of decentralised IT environments and a shift to multi-cloud applications, traditional methods of connectivity must be re-considered along with the subsequent security capabilities.

This insight paper provides what the SASE market looks like in the present and covers:

  • SASE’s current market position and what this could mean for you
  • How SASE supports the move to the cloud
  • Current priorities to customers when implementing SASE
  • How Wavestone can help
Eshaa Sidi

Eshaa Sidi

The SASE model is being leveraged more & more by organisations to support a multiyear phase out of on-premises perimeter and branch hardware in favour of cloud-based delivery of SASE capabilities. Wavestone’s experience & expertise can help guide you on your SASE journey, from sourcing to implementation.