It’s not the most obvious of parallels but there genuinely are a few lessons that financial services could learn from motor sports

Platform Migration events are difficult to conduct at the best of times. They’re even more difficult to implement when you’re a global financial services institution with a jam-packed calendar of technology change events and a very low market tolerance for service outages. So how do you implement such complex change with such tight time constraints?

Consider a Formula 1 pitstop. It’s 2-3 seconds for a well drilled team to:

/  Lift the car

/  Remove 4 tyres

/  Install 4 tyres

/  Make wing adjustments

/  Lower the car

Each specialist knows exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it for the whole process to complete in a specific timeframe without failure. This insight paper explores the steps that are needed during a platform migration to ensure complex change is implemented successfully.