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Data, the cornerstone of transportation services in the Smart City of the future

This publication explores the novel methods of data collection and exploitation which smart cities will be built upon.

Hong Kongcybersecurity program banking industry

Hong Kong launches a major cybersecurity program for its banking industry

At the end of June 2016, while SWIFT was disclosing substantial losses due to cyber-attacks, the authorities of Hong Kong were announcing new regulations for the financial institutions.

Reinventing the cross-border payment operating model

The cross-border payment industry has indeed faced multiple challenges over the last decade, from increased regulatory scrutiny leading to stricter monitoring requirements and transparency, to emerging players in the Fintech space seeking to disrupt the industry through innovation.

Travel retail

Travel retail : what are the prospects and what strategies should brands and retailers adopt?

Travel retail is a rapidly evolving market which has overcome obstacles and crises to post exceptional growth figures thanks to passengers flow increase but also to offers and players organization.

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