Magasin connecté points de vente pression technologique

Connected Stores: how can points of sale respond successfully to the growing push of technology?

Retail stores are equipping themselves with the latest technologies to address the rise of omnichannel approaches and develop a synergy between physical stores and e-commerce.

ABC / ABM, a performance lever for CIOs

The ABC / ABM model, used by numerous information system divisions to calculate the cost price of services rendered, needs to be refocused on its primary function: performance management.

Online bank fraud fighting

The new methods in the fight against online bank fraud

The digital age goes hand-in-hand with an increasing number of crimes and attacks against banks and companies handling banking data. Discover the three main threads in the fight against fraud.

Connected cars: a revolution destined to favor long-standing carmakers?

For several years now, carmakers have seen the emergence of, and sharp rise in, consumer demand for digital connectivity and associated functions in their automobiles.

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