International   and engaged   leadership  

We share a common vision and strategy, enriched by our combined expertise 

Executive Committee

As members of Excom, we are guided by the General Management and are responsible for managing the company. Together, we bring all our capabilities to provide the best possible response, addressing the needs of our clients, employees, and society.


  • Pascal Imbert

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Patrick Hirigoyen

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Karsten Höppner

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Benoît Darde


  • Dr. Bernhard Braunmüller


  • Christine Kusztrich


  • Fanny Rouhet

    Human Resources Director

  • Florence Noizet


  • Frédéric Goux


  • Guillaume Durand


  • Hasan Tekin


  • Hélène Cambournac

    CSR Leader

  • Laure Michel

    Recruitment Director

  • Laurent Stoupy

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Michael Girke


  • Philippe Dajean


  • Reza Maghsoudnia

    Strategic Development Director

  • Uta Niendorf

    Partner, Germany, Hamburg

Delivering value through agile governance

Wavestone’s success hinges on a robust operating model designed to ensure exceptional client satisfaction, operational excellence, and sustainable strategic growth. Here’s a glimpse into how we achieve this:

Key principles for effective delivery:

  • Value proposition at the core: Our operating model prioritizes the consistent delivery of our value proposition. We ensure our structure and processes are aligned to exceeding client expectations.
  • Global reach, multidisciplinary teams: We foster the creation of cross-functional teams with diverse expertise. This allows us to seamlessly manage international projects and deliver solutions tailored to specific client needs.
  • Synergy and performance: Our model optimizes collaboration across units, maximizing synergies and driving high levels of operational performance. This translates to efficient project execution and tangible results for our clients.

Strong governance for strategic direction:

In addition to our Executive Committee (Excom), Wavestone leverages dedicated governance bodies to achieve strategic objectives:

  • Strategic Committee (Stratcom): The Stratcom charts Wavestone’s future course. They design our strategy and action plans, while defining how our value proposition and international presence evolve.
  • Operational Committee (Opcom): This operational steering body tackles day-to-day business and operational issues. They focus on fostering collaboration across units, identifying and mitigating risks, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Wavestone’s operating model empowers agility, collaboration, and strategic direction. This ensures we consistently deliver exceptional value to our clients while remaining at the forefront of our industry.

We support you in every aspect of your transformation