Customer expectations are higher than ever on experience or offers, and so is the volume of data sourced from digital channels. The opportunities open to companies are also greater than ever: to transform marketing, sales and customer relationship roles. To pioneer a unique multichannel customer experience. To create high-performance, personalized digital channels. To streamline channel management with a view to improving efficiency. Tomorrow’s leaders will capitalize on the need for change today.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in marketing, sales & customer experience:

  • Product and services marketing: the innovation process, from idea to go-to-market
  • Customer experience: shaping differentiating and sustainable customer experience (on B2C and B2B markets)
  • Digital marketing: managing performance and personalizing customer journeys with data
  • Sales and channel management: mastering digitalization and optimizing channel management


Optimum Price

In search for optimal price : the importance of demand-based approach

Traditionally, selling prices are set by companies according cost-based or competition-based approaches. Yet, the demand-based approach (or “determining the optimal price”) is often the most relevant.

Customer Digital Experience Barometer for the sites of sports brands by Wavestone & Uptilab

Wavestone & Uptilab “Customer Digital Experience Barometer” for the sites of sports brands

This barometer has sought to observe the ability of key players in the sports sector to convert the strong attachment of ‘consumers’ into the creation of value via their management of the customer digital experience.

Customer experience barometer

Wavestone & Uptilab customer experience barometer

The Digital Customer Experience Barometer, put in place by Wavestone and Uptilab, aims to assess the quality of business sites.

Professional business meeting

Customer and B2B experience: what is the situation in 2016?

Like the B2C environment, that of the B2B is affected by major changes in customers’ uses and paths. This study was conducted by Wavestone and AFRC with more than 200 French companies…

Marketing expense optimization

In a digital age, the question remains: which channels should brands be investing in to drive notoriety, engagement and sales?

Physical sales networks in the digital era

Despite a decline in bricks-and-mortar retail over the last 10 years, the commitment to physical sales networks remains intact…

Wavestone & Uptilab “Customer Digital Experience Barometer” for luxury brands

Wavestone and Uptilab have scrutinized over 40 luxury brand websites for the February edition of the Digital Customer Experience Barometer.

Reinventing the customer journey in a digital world

To digitalize the customer experience, banks must review their business processes, something heavily impacted by this transformation…

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