Build and drive an open-innovation ecosystem that creates value for our customers

The Shake’Up initiative researches and monitors start-ups from different domains (professional and technological), supports start-ups (coaching, hosting), and organizes networking events involving startups, Wavestone employees and the firm’s clients.


Market overviews

Market overview shake'up

This technological intelligence activity aims to identify and categorize start-ups in different fields (SmartEnergy, Fintech, Cybersecurity…) to inspire our clients for Open Innovation initiatives, “proofs of concept” or even their most innovative projects.

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Start-ups guidance

Half a dozen start-ups have already benefitted from this initiative through:

  • Operational support: commercial strategy definition, hiring plans, cybersecurity audits…
  • Being hosted in Wavestone’s offices


Mobile application connecting electric scooters drivers and passengers to save time in a traffic jam.


Application offering nutritional assessments (by scanning food) and suggestions of healthy alternatives.


Interactive and simple web and mobile solution to boost meetings, events and training sessions with simple and fun animations.


A collaborative start-ups identification and assessment platform to facilitate the implementation of Open Innovation initiatives.


Transformation advisory including innovative techniques and partnerships (music, art therapy, psycho-sociology, architecture, design…).

Collaborative tool to easily and collectively select gift ideas or group activities.

Call for project

The call for projects launched by Wavestone in order to support new start-ups through the Shake’Up acceleration program ended on March 15 2017. Results will be announced by early May, following the selection stages.

Success stories

Evénement Fintech

09/02/2017 –Fintech event

  • 12 Fintech start-ups and more than 150 participants
  • Rich and intense discussion between start-ups, major companies, journalists and Wavestone employees
Evenement IoT Internet of Things

30/06/2016 – Internet of Things (IoT) event

  • A dozen specialized IoT start-ups involved
  • Pitches and coaching workshops (about commercial strategy and cybersecurity)
  • Discussions and networking with Wavestone employees