It’s time for action. Business leaders highlight the necessity to bring strategic thinking much closer to the conditions of its execution. Competitive edge now consists in innovative products and excellence in strategy execution. In the digital world, winners will be those setting the right conditions for innovation whilst boosting corporate efficiency and monitoring business risks.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in strategy:

  • Strategy definition
  • Strategic transformation execution
  • Organizational efficiency
  • Marketing and communication expenses effectiveness


Optimum Price

In search for optimal price : the importance of demand-based approach

Traditionally, selling prices are set by companies according cost-based or competition-based approaches. Yet, the demand-based approach (or “determining the optimal price”) is often the most relevant.

Marketing expense optimization

In a digital age, the question remains: which channels should brands be investing in to drive notoriety, engagement and sales?

The art of decision-making

“Decisions are always made in committees with an odd number of people, and three people is already too many,” Marshal Foch once said about decision-making…

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