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VINCI creates an innovative and connected head office to bring its business entities together

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A new headquarter for VINCI’s business entities – to showcase the group’s innovations

After three years of work, the VINCI Group’s new headquarter, l’archipel, has opened its doors in Nanterre in September 2021. More than 3,000 employees have moved in since the end of 2021. With the construction of this new head office, VINCI is pursuing a dual objective: to design a showcase for the know-how and innovations developed by the group and to bring together all its business entities (VINCI, VINCI Autoroutes, VINCI Airports, VINCI Construction and VINCI Energies) within a single head office

This breaks new ground for VINCI, which has historically operated in a decentralized manner with highly autonomous entities.

The new premises therefore allow the entities to retain their individuality while creating a coherent whole and bringing convergence and collaboration to their activities.

Key figures
  • 5 buildings
  • 4,000 employees affected by the move
  • 74,000 m2 of offices
  • 488 meeting rooms
  • 1,500 m2 of retail space
  • 4,000 workstations
  • 3 years of work
  • Thousands of items of IT equipment deployed (network, conferencing solutions, etc.)

Multiple technology challenges to provide a seamless user experience

Wavestone supported VINCI Group’s IS Department for four years on the IT component of l’archipel.  Numerous issues were addressed as part of the project, starting with the need to coordinate entities in order to make common technology choices.

There was also a strong expectation on ease of access to IT services as well as mobility in terms of enhanced teleworking. After a phase of functional, technical, and financial studies, the project entered a stage of sourcing and calls for tenders, before being able to address the deployment of the chosen solutions.

Implementation of a new generation network, across all VINCI sites

One of the work streams in particular has been subject to a great deal of attention: the implementation of a new generation network designed to offer a unified user experience and make mobility a key priority – whether employees are at the headquarters, at another VINCI site, or working remotely at home.  This project provided an opportunity to put in place a “network of the future” as a result of the Zero Trust Networks concept and being able to draw on application resources in the Cloud.

Through this, internet connectivity has been deployed with a high level of security: remote workstation management, micro-segmentation, security of access and tools, etc. SD-LAN technology will also make it possible to very easily manage all connected equipment in the buildings.

Lastly, the environmental aspects have not been overlooked: an EcoFlex’IT solution enables switches to be distributed anywhere in the building, under the floor rather than in service rooms – reducing cabling lengths by 80% and minimizing the energy consumed by the network

The result: a project delivered on time, with satisfied users

Naturally, the program has had its share of difficulties.

The initial reluctance of users to change was one of the major challenges, with some points of tension: limited parking at the site, work in open plan offices, and remote locations for some entities. The assets of the new building – space, greenery, services including IT, etc., as well as tailored change management and an enhanced induction of users when moving in, have made it possible to reduce or even eliminate these concerns.

The health crisis also seriously threatened the planning for the project. However, the challenge was met, and the situation of general teleworking made it possible to consolidate most of the technology choices and to reorient others!

Ultimately, for Wavestone, it’s been a real adventure: managing a large-scale program from A to Z, the opportunity to test innovative IT solutions, and the creation of a true relationship of partnership with our client.

Also discover l’archipel and the story of this transformation in video with the testimonies of Samir Hatim (Group CIO – VINCI), Rémy Drouin (Group CTO – VINCI) and Jean Huot (Archipel IT Project Director – VINCI).

L’archipel VINCI : a digital experience