Taking   cybersecurity   to the next level  

How can your cybersecurity strategy set your company apart from your competitors?

Today, we are witnessing a massive change in the world of cyber security. Businesses need to turn their cybersecurity function from a protective and detective function into an enabling and accelerating function.

Organizations are challenged to address these threats quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently. The way to do this is to rethink cybersecurity: from a reactive defense function to an enabling and accelerating function for progress and innovation. It is only through this mindset shift of cybersecurity that companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and generate decisive advantages.

Our future predictions

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly uncovering new challenges. Here’s 3 key future predictions:

#1 Compliance

The compliance boom will have a big impact on many industries

#2 Artificial Intelligence

AI is coming everywhere and CISO’s must embed security at the heart of AI to ensure a safe future

#3 Teamwork with Business

Cybersecurity teams must work with the business in a different way, but the talent shortage will inhibit this from being truly successful

How to take your cybersecurity to the next level:  

  1. Stay in the game: Ensure cyber resilience is embedded in your organization
  2. Change the story: Work with the business in a different way and embed a security culture throughout the organization to show the value cyber is bringing to the table
  3. Strike the balance when it comes to AI: Between the necessary risk mitigation measures, a strong security environment and, of course, the cybersecurity mindset needed by all.
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Are you prepared for cyber security challenges ahead?  

Wavestone’s Cyber Benchmark 2024 report reveals crucial findings on the state of cyber maturity across various sectors. Despite a 1% increase in overall maturity to 53%, the pace of progress remains slow. Key highlights include advancements in cloud and data security, yet significant gaps persist, particularly in third-party and industrial systems security. With the upcoming Olympic Games and new regulations like NIS 2, businesses must enhance their cybersecurity strategies to mitigate rising threats.

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An expert’s view

We need to change the perception of cyber security to empower individuals to adopt the right behaviors both in their daily lives and at work. Additionally, organizations are in dire need of cyber security talent. It’s crucial to attract new people to this dynamic field, where continuous learning is a given and diverse skills are essential to meet the upcoming challenges in cyber security.

Noëmie Honoré – Associate Partner

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