Global Insurance Market Pulse 2023/2024:
Trends, Insights, and Strategic Imperatives for the Insurance Industry

Published May 8, 2024

  • Insurance

Innovation Meets New Insurance Risk Concepts: Between Inflation, Digitalization, and Climate Risks.

2023 marks a turning point for the insurance industry: External factors such as rising inflation, accelerated digital advancement, and the repercussions of climate change demand immediate strategic adjustments. Simultaneously, ESG standards and the growing risk of cyber threats call for specialized insurance products. Internally, the industry faces structural hurdles that need to be overcome. Yet, it is precisely in such turbulent times that opportunities arise for forward-thinking insurers to center their customers.

In the first edition our Global Insurance Market Pulse, we focus on key strategies for the insurer of the future: product innovations, innovative data analysis, and ESG integration. The report acts as a catalyst for change and a guide for insurers ready to leverage innovation to meet current challenges, strengthen their position, and successfully expand.


Global Insurance Market Pulse 2023/2024

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  • Eduardo D‘Alma

    Partner – Germany, Hamburg


  • Thorsten Schrader

    Partner – Germany, Munich