Wavestone reaffirms its commitment to the inclusion of LGBT+ people and appoints sponsor

  • February 3, 2023Press releases

Wavestone signed the “L'Autre Cercle” LGBT+ Commitment Charter for the second time on Wednesday, January 25. This charter aims to ensure the inclusion of all people regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. A progress report was also shared highlighting the actions implemented since 2019 along with an action plan for 2025. This commitment will be monitored by Frédéric Goux, member of the Executive Committee and new LGBT+ sponsor.

The LGBT+ Charter: a commitment with an international dimension

Since September 27, 2019, Wavestone has been a signatory of the LGBT+ Commitment Charter, alongside more than 200 other signatories, including international companies, consultancies, auditing and legal firms, and government bodies.

On January 25, Wavestone reaffirmed this commitment by signing the Charter in Paris in the presence of the association L'Autre Cercle, Pascal Imbert (CEO of Wavestone), Hélène Cambournac (Head of CSR at Wavestone), Christine Ervé (Co-founder of the Wavestone For All* network) and Frédéric Goux (Wavestone Partner, member of the executive committee and LGBT+ sponsor).

Created in 2012 at the initiative of l'Autre Cercle**, the LGBT+ Charter is the first European initiative in this field. It aims to promote diversity, fight against discrimination and ensure better integration of LGBT+ people in the workplace.

Through this signature, Wavestone commits itself once again to:

  • Creating an inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees
  • Ensuring equal rights and treatment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Supporting employees who are victims of discriminatory comments or acts
  • Measuring progress and sharing best practices to improve the general working environment

All of Wavestone's offices around the world are part of this approach.

“We are committed to being a welcoming home for LGBT+ employees, so that they feel at home at Wavestone. I don't want employees to feel that their gender identity or sexual orientation is a taboo, let alone that it could impact their career path at Wavestone. My ambition is that this subject should be a strength of Wavestone's corporate culture and values," says Pascal Imbert, CEO of Wavestone.

Acting for the inclusion of LGBT+ people at Wavestone

With the help of the Wavestone For All collective, the initial signing of the commitment charter in 2019, and the findings of the L'Autre Cercle-IFOP*** LGBT+ Barometer that followed, Wavestone has been able to structure and launch awareness-raising activities to highlight the subject internally.

This was done through conferences and workshops organized during Diversity Days, Wavestone Bridges, thematic weeks, the first Wavestone Pride Month in June 2022, and presentations to the Executive Committee, HR teams and employee representatives.

Wavestone has also strengthened its alert mechanisms and channels in the event of harassment or discrimination linked to sexual orientation or gender identity, with the implementation of a dedicated external alert platform and the appointment of two Ethics Officers from the HR function specifically in charge of dealing with these scenarios. As a result, in 2022, 98% of employees consider Wavestone to be an LGBT+ friendly company (results of the barometer***), an increase of 4 points compared to 2019.

The re-signing of the charter is an opportunity to share Wavestone's desire to go further with two priorities:

  • The training of managers and all employees on LGBT+ inclusion in the training course for management teams who have a duty to set an example, as well as for all Wavestone employees and for newcomers via a dedicated e-learning.
  • The visibility of LGBT+ employees, with the launch of the "Proud@Wavestone" cafés highlighting role models, to encourage them to speak out in the workplace.

"Our ambition is to make this topic a point of strength and pride in our Diversity & Inclusion policy," adds Hélène Cambournac, Head of CSR and member of the Executive Committee.

A commitment now embodied at the highest level

The re-signing also allowed Wavestone to empower Frédéric Goux, partner and member of the executive committee, as our LGBT+ sponsor. As a member of the LGBT+ community himself, he will embody Wavestone's commitment and to bring the concerns of LGBT+ employees to the highest level.

After 25 years at Wavestone, Frédéric is enthusiastic about taking on this role. He will pay particular attention to supporting employee initiatives like the Wavestone For All* collective.

"I intend to help, especially as a sponsor, so that everyone can feel free to talk about their gender identity or orientation at Wavestone. My wish is that no Wavestone employee waits, as I did, 20 years to talk about it, if he or she wishes to do so," concludes Frédéric Goux, partner and LGBT+ sponsor.

* Wavestone For All is an independent network of employees, which since its creation in 2017, has taken charge of Diversity and Inclusion issues within Wavestone.

** L'Autre Cercle is an association of LGBT+ professionals (Lesbian Gay Bi and Trans, and their friends), whose vision is a fulfilling professional world, inclusive and respectful of people in their diversity regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It aims in particular to prevent and fight against discrimination in the workplace.

*** The LGBT+ Barometer is a biennial survey that aims to take the pulse of LGBT+ people in the workplace and assesses the impact of the LGBT+ commitment charter.

About Wavestone

In a world in which knowing how to innovate is the key to success, Wavestone's mission is to enlighten and guide large organizations in their most critical transformations with the ambition of making them positive for all stakeholders. This ambition is rooted in the firm's DNA and is summed up by the signature "The Positive Way".

Wavestone has 4,000 employees in Europe – where it is one of the leading independent consulting firms – in the United States, and in Asia. Wavestone is listed on Euronext Paris and has been awarded the Great Place To Work® label.

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