2010/11 annual turnover EUR 108m, with organic growth of 4%

  • May 4, 2011Regulated information
€m 2010/11 2009/10 Change
Annual turnover 108.0 103.4 +4%


In the financial year 2010/11, ended 31 March 2011, Solucom achieved a consolidated turnover of €108m, up purely organically by 4% on 2009/10, in line with the target.

During the past year Solucom continued to provide support to major companies in managing their most strategic projects with such clients as Amadeus, Crédit Agricole CIB, Lafarge, La Poste or Orange.


Human resources: effects not measurable yet

The drop in the firm's staff in 2010/11 to 915 employees as at 31 March 2011, as against 978 at the end of 2009/10, has put a brake on the growth in the company's annual sales. Q4 turnover was €27.8m, as compared with €28.1m for the corresponding period in 2009/10.

The 2010/11 financial year was characterised by a sharp increase in staff churn, which came to 20% for the full year, and a slowdown in the rate of recruitment (146 recruited in the period). The steps taken a few months ago in this area will only bear fruit during the 2011/12 financial year, especially with a more dynamic salaries policy taking place.


High activity rate of 85% in 2010/11

The consultants' activity rate remained high throughout the period at 85% in 2010/11, as against 80% for the entire previous financial year. This rate is above the norm, which is between 82% and 84%.


“Innovative company” label reconducted

Solucom announces the renewal, for three years, as at April 2011, of its “Innovative company” label granted by OSEO.


2010/11 operational margin target confirmed, new strategic plan

At the end of the final quarter of the 2010/11 financial year, Solucom confirmed its target of an overall operating margin of between 11% and 13%.

Solucom will detail the broad lines of its Solucom 2015 strategic plan, when it publishes its annual results at the end of May.

Next announcement: Annual results for 2010/11 financial year on 31 May 2011 (after close of trading).


About Solucom

Solucom is a management and IS consulting firm.

Solucom's customers are among the top 200 large companies and public bodies. To them, Solucom is capable of mobilising and combining the skills and expertise of nearly 1,000 staff members.

Its mission? To place innovation at the heart of business lines, target and steer transformations that are sources of added value, and turn the information system into an actual asset designed to serve corporate strategies.

Solucom is listed on NYSE Euronext.

Solucom has been granted the innovative company label by OSEO.

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All of our financial information is published on : www.solucom.fr

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Regulated information

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