9 months revenues up 12%

  • February 11, 2004Regulated information

SoluCom (ISIN : FR0004036036) announced today its third quarter revenues for its fiscal year 2003/2004 ending December 31, 2003.
The group's third quarter revenues totalled 7.3 million euros. The group posted cumulative revenues of 19.6 million euros for the first three quarters of this year, which represents organic growth of 12% (compared with €17.5 million euros for the first nine months of the prior year).
This turnover substantiates the company's robust organic growth, which has continued unabated throughout the downturn that has affected the entire industry.
“Our goal at the beginning of this fiscal year was to maintain or increase our turnover and operating results compared with the prior year, despite the severe downturn in our segment as a whole. The positive results that we are announcing today mean that we have exceeded this goal by a significant margin,” commented SoluCom CEO Pascal Imbert. “There have been clear signs since September of last year that market pressures are easing, but we feel it is premature to talk of a full fledged recovery. Trends in the segment remain difficult to foresee, and in our view 2004 will be a transitional period for it.”
SoluCom will announce its annual turnover on May 12 of this year.

About the SoluCom Group

The SoluCom Group is active in infrastructure consulting and engineering in the telecoms and networks, security and applications infrastructures segments. The Group has positioned itself in very high value-added services.
The Solucom Group's client roster includes some very prestigious names, all of which are very large accounts including: Air France, Arcelor, Auchan, BNP-Paribas, Cegetel, CNAM-TS, Crédit Agricole, EDF, E.Leclerc, France Télécom, Groupama, La Poste, L'Oréal, LVMH, Ministères des Affaires Etrangères et de la Justice, PPR, Renault, Siemens AG, SNCF, Société Générale, Suez, Total, Veolia Environnement.

SoluCom trades on the NextEconomy segment of Euronext Paris.

Euroclear Code 7486 – FTSE: 972, IT services – ISIN: FR0004036036 – LCO

Next financial releases : Annual revenues fiscal 2003/2004, 12/05/2004 – Annual results fiscal 2003/2004, 23/06/2004.

Consult our latest financial information at : www.solucom.fr

Phone: 01 30 43 35 00

Laurence KIPFER
Investors Relations

Press Officer
Phone : 01 53 67 36 36

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Regulated information

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