Declaration according to article 223-16 (AMF)

  • December 7, 2015Regulated information

In accordance with article L233-8 of commercial law, Solucom informs its shareholders that as at November 2015, its capital was composed of 4 966 882 shares representing 7 809 939 voting rights according to article 223-11 of the AMF.



About Solucom

Solucom is a consulting firm founded in 1990 whose mission is to guide and champion the enterprise transformation. Solucom's approach is founded upon the belief that the key to successful enterprise transformation lies in the ability to simultaneously master business, organisational and technological challenges.

Solucom's clients rank among the top 200 major companies and local authority bodies. To serve its clients' needs, Solucom has access to a network and the collective skills of more than 1,600 employees operating in France, the UK, Switzerland Belgium and Morocco.

SOLUCOM Solucom is listed on Euronext Paris and integrated in the Tech40 index. In addition, the Company is eligible to benefit from the PEA-PME share-savings plan, was awarded the "Innovative Company" label by the French public investment bank, BPIFrance, and obtained the Great Place To Work® status in 2015.



Chairman of the Management Board
Tel: 01 49 03 20 00
Communications Director
Tel: 01 49 03 20 00
Financial news
Mathieu OMNES
Investor/financial-analyst relations
 Tel: 01 53 67 36 92
Press relations
Tel: 01 53 67 36 74

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Regulated information

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