Q1 2014/15 turnover: robust progression of 11%, of which 7% on a comparable scope

  • July 17, 2014Regulated information
(In €m – Unaudited consolidated data)
2014/15 2013/14 Change on a comparable scope(1) Total change
Q1 37.4 33.6 +7% +11%

(1) Excluding Lumens Consultants, consolidated since 1 December 2013 and Trend Consultants since 1 January 2014


In the first three months of its financial year 2014/15, Solucom posted consolidated turnover of €37.4m, up 11% compared to the same period in 2013/14.

On a comparable basis, excluding the contribution of Lumens Consultants and Trend Consultants, the firm's growth stood at 7%.

Strong operational indicators

Over the quarter, the activity rate stood at 82%, against 83% for the whole of last year.

On a comparable basis, it is stable at 83%.

The average daily rate for the 1st quarter was up compared to the previous year, in line with the progression of 0% to 1% anticipated early this year.

As at 30 June 2014, the order book was slightly up, at 3.5 months against 3.2 months as at 31 March.

Headcount continued to grow during Q1

In line with last year, Solucom continued its recruitment efforts.

The last few months showed tougher competitive pressure on the labour market, which led the firm to increase its investments in order to ensure the implementation of its recruitment plan.

The firm's headcount totalled 1,337 employees at 30 June 2014, against 1,327 at 31 March.
The churn rate remains low during Q1, at 8% on an annual basis.

Robust financial position

In financial terms, in line with the previous year, the cash position remains in very comfortable surplus.

Solucom has all the means to seize new opportunities for external growth.

Annual roadmap and financial targets confirmed

Despite an uncertain economic environment so far, Solucom remains confident in the gradual improvement of the consulting market in 2014 and in its ability to take advantage of it.

Bolstered by its solid first quarter, the firm confirms its annual financial goals: turnover growth of over 8%, excluding new acquisitions, and current operating margin ranging between 11% and 13%.

Next announcement: 22 October 2014 (after market close), H1 2014/15 turnover.


About Solucom

Solucom is a management and IT consulting firm.

Solucom's customers are among the top 200 large companies and public bodies. For them, Solucom is capable of mobilizing and combining the skills of 1,300 staff members.

Our mission statement? To place innovation at the heart of business lines, target and steer transformations that are sources of added value, and turn the information system into an actual asset designed to serve corporate strategies.

Solucom is listed on Euronext Paris and Solucom shares are eligible for the 'PEA-PME' scheme.

The consulting firm has been granted the innovative company award from BPIFrance.

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Regulated information

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