Solucom launches its TransportShaker blog for in-depth analysis of current transport issues

  • November 5, 2014Regulated information

Management & IT consulting firm Solucom is increasing its web presence with the launch of TransportShaker. This latest blog, dedicated to transport, went live on 15 October. 

Active involvement in the transport sector

Solucom has always attached the utmost importance to assessing major market developments and identifying future trends. Through its online magazine SolucomINSIGHT, Solucom shares its standpoint on topical questions affecting organisations and information systems. Its consultants can respond to matters of immediate concern in key sectors via its array of blogs: DigitalCorner, EnergyStream, InsuranceSpeaker and most recently TransportShaker, devoted to the areas of innovation, energy, insurance and transport respectively.
This recent focus on the transport sector was a natural move for Solucom, which has built up extensive expertise in both regulatory and business practice changes. These developments are of the greatest interest to all its clients, especially SNCF, Réseaux Ferrés de France, RATP, Air France-KLM and Amadeus.

A two-part ambition: showcase the firm's expertise and connect with the market

Organised into five categories – Ecosystem; Players & Markets; Innovations & New Mobilities; Traveller Experience; and Operation – TransportShaker is a medium where Solucom's consultants can express their thinking on a range of topics. What should be our point of view on infrastructure development or the issues of high-population areas and “long-distance” journeys? The blog provides an opportunity for the authors to respond to events and share their analyses with the market through a variety of articles: “Will carsharing radically alter our relationship with the car?”; “Security: a national priority for rail operators?”; “Google takes on the transport sector”, etc.

International backdrop vital to blog

The watchword for this new blog? International. Siegfried GÜNTHER, Associate Director at Solucom, explains “The firm's aim in setting up TransportShaker is to learn from the changes taking place in the transport sector outside France and so add to the collective thought process. This analysis “without borders”, when shared with readers and the firm's clients, will help us fulfil our ambition of assisting big business with globalisation projects”.


Find us at and on Twitter @transportshaker


About Solucom

Solucom is a management and IT consulting firm.

Solucom's clients are among the top 200 large companies and public bodies. Solucom is able to mobilise and combine the competences of 1300 employees on its clients' behalf.

Our mission statement? To place innovation at the heart of business lines, target and steer value-added-generating transformations, and make the information system a true asset serving corporate strategies.

Solucom is quoted on Euronext Paris and meets the eligibility criteria for PEA-PME savings plans.

Solucom has been awarded the innovative enterprise label by BPIFrance, a qualification that was renewed in April 2014 for 3 years.


Solucom Press Contacts

Solucom's Communication Department
+ 33 (0)1 49 03 20 00
Agence KaBeCom: Katia Brozek
Press Contact
+33 (0)1 44 92 02 26

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