A long-term approach to CSR, rooted in the company’s strategy

Wavestone has built up its CSR approach into a holistic set of professional practices and responsible behaviors, with the common aim of serving all its stakeholders. In short, our aim is to progress continuously toward sustainable development.

Wavestone structures its CSR approach around four key commitments; these are shown below in order of priority of activity:

  • Being a responsible and committed employer
  • Guaranteeing to its stakeholders that it will operate to demanding standards of governance, transparency, and ethics
  • Promoting equal opportunities and non-discrimination
  • Limiting its environmental footprint

Wavestone’s social activities are driven principally through its corporate foundation whose aim is to support work (in France or abroad) on behalf of disadvantaged children, especially those in situations of poverty or extreme hardship.

Wavestone also organizes an annual CSR day: its Powerday. This is a date, once a year, when all Wavestone employees are invited to support associations and foundations in their civil society or environmental work. The day’s activity takes the form of “skills sponsorship,” or practical, “in the field” help from employee-volunteers. The initiative was held right across Wavestone for the first time in 2016, taking place simultaneously on all company sites, in France and internationally. This “social and international commitment”, achieved by 600+ employees engagement, was awarded the “Mieux vivre en entreprise” Prize in November 2016.

Wavestone is also a founding company of Villebon-Georges Charpak Institute. The Institute was inaugurated in 2013, and was created jointly by the Paris Tech Foundation and a group of higher education establishments and socio-economic players. This new and innovative educational body aims to guarantee that top-flight higher education is accessible to all. More specifically it aims to discover the scientific talent of tomorrow while ensuring social, cultural and intellectual diversity among its students.

Gaïa-Index  ranks 230 companies listed on the Paris stock exchange (excluding CAC40 companies) based on their sustainable development performance (CSR policy, management of human capital, control of environmental impacts, etc.).
In 2016, Wavestone was ranked second among companies in the €150m to €500m revenue bracket.

Wavestone has been classed as a Gold-rated company by Ecovadis, an independent rating agency that specializes in assessing the CSR performance of companies.

In 2015, Wavestone received the employee-stockholding prize for mid-sized companies, which recognizes French companies who actively participate in developing employee ownership.

Through its membership, since 2012, of the United Nations Global Compact, Wavestone is committed to supporting and promoting (within its sphere of influence) the Compact’s ten universal principles, covering human rights, working conditions, the environment and action against corruption.

As a signatory since 2013, Wavestone is committed to changing the way parenthood is seen in the company, creating a favorable working environment for employee-parents, and ensuring non-discrimination in their professional development.

Wavestone is supporting the association for the first time this year. Its main aim is to attract more women into scientific and technological training; it brings together school, college and university students, and engineers, to exchange views and promote interest in pursuing scientific paths.

Institut mieux vivre en entreprise

In 2016, Wavestone was awarded the “ Mieux vivre en entreprise” trophy. The jury also rewards companies that have implemented innovative and exemplary initiatives that favor sustainable development within the company, and which have pledged to emphasize the “social and international commitment” that Powerday represents.