It’s an adapt or die environment. In a context fueled by digital disruption, leading manufacturers must challenge strategies and constantly rethink business models to maintain and strengthen competitiveness. This means cultivating innovation, improving flexibility and promoting productivity to guarantee sustainable performance. The solution? Companies have to deliver value and achieve operational success beyond tomorrow. Success based on collaborative spirit, pragmatic thinking and results-driven methodology.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in manufacturing:

  • Connected vehicles: by mastering technological choices & adapting their organization, auto makers have the opportunity to generate additional revenues and strengthen direct relationship with their customers
  • Digital Pharmacy: Digital transformation to become a major health partner of the patient journey, beyond optimizing performance


Connected cars: a revolution destined to favor long-standing carmakers?

For several years now, carmakers have seen the emergence of, and sharp rise in, consumer demand for digital connectivity and associated functions in their automobiles.

Biosimilars are all the rage, but how do they compare to Generics?

Biosimilars are new drugs present in the pharmaceutical industry, what are the main difference with generics and how is this market evolving?

The impact of S&OP on company performance

How can you guarantee sufficient supply or production for what you plan to sell? This is a question that all companies…


Lean development, a lever of substantial savings for industrial companies

Cutting corners and curbing costs provide limited gain for manufacturers…

Industry 4.0 : can the fourth industrial revolution save French industry?

From collaborative robotics to augmented reality, smart factories are changing the landscape of French manufacturing…

PLM, a strategic stake in improving business performance

As demand shifts to emerging countries and competition and regulations get tougher, industrial companies have to react. In this context, product and process development activities have to become global, more efficient…

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