Never has the industry undergone such profound changes. Today’s uncertain economy, crucial regulatory and funding challenges, and the volatile nature of innovations and customer behavior mean that financial services have hit a critical point. Banking and insurance transformation has been further accelerated by new competitors and technology-led disruption of financial services. And tomorrow? The main question will be how fast and how far the industry will evolve. After all, this is not the first time change has been heralded in the financial services sector, with little impact on customer and service provider behavior.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in financial services:

  • C&IB: tomorrow’s operating models
  • Account manager 3.0 in retail banking
  • 100% digital banking: innovation, lab & experimentation
  • Digital insurance
  • IFR9, BCBS 239…: implementing new financial norms & standards
  • Compliance: MiFID & other regulations


Privacy in the digital world : beyond compliance, towards trust

Discover the results of the Wavestone’s survey on citizens’ perception about privacy in the digital world.

Reinventing the cross-border payment operating model

The cross-border payment industry has indeed faced multiple challenges over the last decade, from increased regulatory scrutiny leading to stricter monitoring requirements and transparency, to emerging players in the Fintech space seeking to disrupt the industry through innovation.

Financial Advisors Customer Experience

The new place of financial advisors in customer experience

What are the challenges faced by financial advisors? What is now expected from them? In this fast changing environment, what is their new role and position in the bank?

Digital composite businessman

Asset servicing and tax

Significant changes to tax legislation are expected over the next 5-10 years, providing uncharted opportunities to asset service providers…

Digital transformation: an opportunity for the insurance industry

The insurance industry has been notoriously slow in adopting digital services. Beyond a quick IT facelift, insurance companies need…

Reinventing the customer journey in a digital world

To digitalize the customer experience, banks must review their business processes, something heavily impacted by this transformation…

Data science: opt for a selection OR a full scale launch?

More data was created in 2011 than in all the years before that put together. Everyone has been talking about data these last few years…

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