Engineering, delivery, support: challenges await businesses at every step of the product lifecycle. In a fast-moving, complex and disruptive world, maintaining the upper hand in operations & supply chain depends on three key factors: consolidating and integrating information management systems, capitalizing on new technologies, and facilitating smooth collaborations with all partners. A multi-tiered approach that requires a range of services, from maturity assessment to global transformation assistance. The secret to success? Digital experience and people empowerment.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in operations & supply chain:

  • Industry 4.0: Smarter, digitalized, connected and automated factories for industry to meet market expectations in terms of agility and performance
  • Supply Chain Management: Warehousing, Sales & operations plan, Logistics pattern design, Transport management


The impact of S&OP on company performance

How can you guarantee sufficient supply or production for what you plan to sell? This is a question that all companies…

Lean warehousing, or how warehouses are coming up to scratch by motivating their personnel

Constant changes in strategy and a lack of appropriate management tools have led to underperforming supply chain and operations…

Industry 4.0 : can the fourth industrial revolution save French industry?

From collaborative robotics to augmented reality, smart factories are changing the landscape of French manufacturing…

PLM, a strategic stake in improving business performance

As demand shifts to emerging countries and competition and regulations get tougher, industrial companies have to react. In this context, product and process development activities have to become global, more efficient…

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