For the first time in 2023: Hello, and welcome to Second Opinion, the podcast of PEN Partnership, a Wavestone company!

Join us as we kick off the year with a deep dive into two themes which will define pharma in coming year: Patient Individuality, and the Data Explosion.

More than just buzzwords and headlines, Shrinivas Anikhindi has sat down with two tenured pharma advisers at PEN Partnership, a Wavestone company, Jalilah Gibson and Nick Reynolds to dig into exactly what these themes mean, why they’re so important, and what everyone should be doing to embrace them.

Over the course of a half-hour podcast, we run through:

  • Why patient-centricity and data literacy are relevant to each other despite seeming like opposites
  • How turning segmentation up, not down, can deliver the same benefits but far mor efficiently
  • Why data is a distraction when we should be looking at infrastructure and capability instead