Accelerating our customers' transformations

As a consultant, you guide and accompany our clients in their most critical transformations. On a daily basis, you differentiate yourself by an innovative and pragmatic approach, your ability to be on the move and create the conditions that give everyone the desire to act. A true engine of change, you put your energy and enthusiasm at the heart of your projects.

You combine the firm’s different areas of excellence to propose relevant and innovative solutions:  sectoral expertise enables you to respond to the core business issues in many industries, functional skills address the company’s core functions and, finally, strong technology expertise, rooted in Wavestone’s DNA, that enables the firm to offer an unparalleled capacity in the field of digital, technology and cybersecurity. You work in multidisciplinary teams, where skill-share combines seamlessly and without silo.

Finally, you embody “The Positive Way”:  our commitment to making a positive impact for all our stakeholders.

Take control of your progression with Wavestone Horizon

“Wavestone Horizon: Consulting” is the route that allows each consultant to visualize their progress within the firm. It gives benchmarks, known to employees and their management, to understand what is expected at each level and identify the skills to develop in order to successfully take next steps.

Listen to employee testimonies

“Being a consultant means knowing your client’s issues and their market, understanding their needs and finding appropriate solutions.”

Aida, Digital and Emerging Technologies Consultant

“I think one of the unique things about Wavestone is that we’ve kept that feeling of a young organization. Things are changing every day at Wavestone US, and everyone—no matter their level or years of experience—has the opportunity to have a real impact on the direction we are going to go. And that is just really exciting to me.”

Theresa, Manager in New York

“At each step of my career, from Business Analyst, to Consultant, to Senior Consultant, I felt that I have been given challenges, and the equal support to be able to tackle them and grow.”

Sam, Senior Consultant in New York

“The people make the difference at Wavestone. We all have different experiences, and we bring those together to help exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Scott, Principal in Philadelphia

“The people that I am working with are very invested in my development, especially at the Project Manager or at the Partner level. So they are constantly checking in on me–having conversations on what I am working on, and how I am doing personality.”

Spencer, Consulting Associate in Dallas

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