The potential for companies is outstanding: from collaboration platforms and IoT through to blockchain and deep-learning, digital and emerging technologies are changing the face of business. To reap their full benefits, companies must identify added value business cases and pave the way for large-scale adoption. This requires relying on sharp technological skills, developing an open ecosystem of partners, adopting new ways of working, whilst firmly driving the digital transformation.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in digital and emerging technologies:

  • Digital Working: new tools and smart offices, new uses (collaborative, social, mobile), new ways of working
  • User eXperience: improve digital touchpoint interface, enhance customer journey, prepare for next gen customer interface
  • IoT / Internet of Things: build technology foundation, come up with and assess emerging use cases, prepare for industrialization
  • Connectivity & Mobility: Next Gen Enterprise telecom services


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