To help them integrate quickly into to their working environment, all new Wavestone hires follow a common onboarding program, wherever they are based. This program helps develop a sense of belonging, beyond their own team, and is built around four key areas:

  • An initial orientation day: a welcome breakfast, presentation of the company, lunch with the relevant teams, and thematic workshops (on topics such as HR, communication, and ERP)
  • The integration seminar: plenary presentations by the company’s senior management, participatory workshops in small groups, and a convivial evening social event to end the day
  • Specific training courses: throughout the first year, adapted to all levels of experience
  • Support from managers and local HR teams: complemented by the presence of a peer, whose role is to facilitate the integration of new employees, including answering their questions about the organization, working environment, tools, services, and so on.

Opportunities for training

Meeting the different expectations of our employees, especially those who work remotely, ensures the operational excellence of our teams – two factors that motivated us to develop a multichannel training approach.

Corporate university

Mastering and broadening your presentation techniques, holding a successful sales meeting, speaking for impact… a raft of training courses to develop your business, communication, and management skills.

External training catalogue

Business or technical development, English-language training, skills assessments, professional assessments, individual coaching… a catalog of external training courses run by organizations that are specially selected by our HR teams to meet individual needs.

E-learning platform

Designed to be collaborative and interactive, Wavestone’s e-learning platform brings together learning materials designed and produced by employees, quizzes, web series, and more.

The monthly MOOC selection


Supply chains, political science, public speaking or Mandarin: available monthly, via a dedicated app – a selection of free online courses made available to all employees.


Develop yourself

Grow rapidly, develop expertise, manage teams, or even change roles… the ambitions of our employees are a core concern for us. Beyond the experience of challenging assignments with major client-accounts, the development of Wavestone employees is based on formal business training materials and opportunities to carry out internal projects (in areas such as business development, communications and profile raising, and recruitment).

Wavestone has provided opportunities for me to demonstrate increasing capabilities on a range of projects. I have been lucky to work on engagements including strategic sourcing, bid management, technical assessment and due diligence. More recently my role has evolved and I have become the senior commercial advisor to some of our major clients. I really appreciate Wavestone trusting in and supporting my abilities and I’ve benefited by learning to balance high value, outcome orientated delivery work with the business development skills required to generate significant revenue.

David – RMIT University (Melbourne) – 2004, Manager

An approach to development that lets you imagine changing discipline or even country… thanks to an internal career-mobility scheme, which nearly 50 employees benefit from every year.

After working in our Paris office for four years, I was given the opportunity to move to the London office. I had always wanted to go live and work in London at some point, and it was really exciting to do it with Wavestone. It has been a very interesting experience both on a personal and professional level, for example as I discovered and learned the cultural differences between the two working environments. Since arriving in London, I have been very keen to support the development of the relationship between the two offices, and to share my Wavestone experience in Paris with the London team.

David – Supélec (Paris) & UCL (London) – 2011, Senior Consultant

Your salary

Salary packages


  • ŠPay scales from the point of hire
  • Salary benchmarks
  • ŠTransparent communication


  • ŠRegular benchmarking of salary practices in the market
  • ŠModification of pay scales depending on market conditions

Wavestone salary policy is based on a principle of equity: the application of common standards of evaluation, and processes based on collective decisions, whether they relate to assessments or salary increases.



  • Company complementary health cover
  • ŠLife and income-protection insurance

Works Council

  • Subsidized benefits
  • Tickets
  • Internal events


  • Smartphones
  • Sports facilities
  • Concierge service