The dematerialization of processes is synonymous with efficiency and better traceability.  Gage of coherency for clients and of conformity for regulators, the quest for paperless solutions has prompted many insurance companies to embrace the digital revolution. In order to offer their clients optimum data processing solutions, and clearer, more transparent communication, whilst also enabling the in-depth development of its employees’ working methods, the company decided to go fully digital, starting with the firm’s property and casualty insurance division.


Alongside it client, Wavestone will be addressing a number of challenges:

  • Steer and monitor the implementation of a solution to dematerialize processes on a large scale
  • Lead change, by business-line, through mobilizing all the players involved and placing insurance agents at the heart of the project
  • Pave the way, using Agile methods, to achieving visible results in the short term, while tracing the firm’s strategy in the longer term

Answers & Key success factors

With Wavestone present at every stage of the project chain, from conception of the process digitalization project through to the involvement of the different divisional players, the project will initially focus on employee benefits, and, subsequently, on its customers (professional and individual accounts).

Within the context of its mission, Wavestone is required to:

  • Improve and optimize gains in efficiency, traceability, compliance and financial performance.
  • Guide the business-divisions in defining and adopting new processes, from policy underwriting through to claims management .