In a sector where the economic and operational models are undergoing profound transformations, customer experience is becoming a key performance lever for media groups. A quality digital experience makes it possible to accelerate and renew the subscriber readership, whilst still ensuring that value is maintained. Our client wanted to carry out a detailed diagnostic of the quality of its Digital Customer Experience and the “customer maturity” of its organization.


To support the press group in this project, Wavestone identified four different challenges:

  • Identify the pain points and the customer journeys to optimize (analyze the customer journeys processes performances, international benchmarks, etc.)
  • Analyze usage, satisfaction and intention to resubscribe by interviewing subscribers and registered users.
  • Carry out an internal audit of the “customer maturity” of the organization (organizational structure, skills, customer culture, managing the performance of customer processes, etc.)
  • Structure and manage the “customer experience improvement program”, through concrete prioritized initiatives.

Answers and key sucess factors

  • The conduct of around 30 interviews and the analysis of around 1 500 quantitative survey responses were used to collect reliable customer reviews.
  • A dual «data» approach (analysis of performances and customer journeys, transactional funnels) and marketing/ ergonomics (“personae” method) was employed.
  • A collaborative approach involving all the operational teams led to the launch of the customer experience improvement program, structured around 10 projects.