The pace of technological change is already faster than ever and forces us to rethink and redesign our future. This booklet is about the latest insights, key ideas, bold moves, and striking initiatives presented by thought-leaders and business pioneers during the CEO Forum VIVA Technology. Leading companies, startups, and local authorities share their vision about how digital is not only reshaping the future economy, transforming organizations and business sectors, but also society and human beings.

Industries are indeed pushed to move forward a hybrid model, combining long-standing core businesses and digital technologies. And new waves of tech are coming; they will be more powerful, and will radically change consumer behavior. This revolution also means we must rethink and adapt our education system, as well as companies’ culture, and the way businesses engage and innovate with their ecosystem. Last, but not least, the digital revolution questions its own final goal, and the human role in this transformation.

After 2 full days at Viva Tech, 26 inspiring talks of CEOs, and 450 millenniums surveyed, Wavestone offers in this report to consolidate the forward-looking vision of today’s leaders, and confront it to the views and expectations of tomorrow’s leaders.