The COP 26 once again highlights the need for everyone to mobilize. And if the 196 signatory countries were able to adopt a global pact to accelerate the fight against global warming, many remain unsatisfied. Today, companies and administrations must also mobilize and identify their own areas for progress. Wavestone has been committed to a CSR approach for 10 years now and has made it a key part of its corporate strategy[1]. Today, digital technology represents a significant part of the firm's carbon footprint. Over the past several years, Wavestone has been committed to continuous improvement for itself and its clients, and has reaffirmed this commitment by signing the INR Charter (Institute of Digital Responsibility).[2]

Sustainable IT: a vital challenge for Wavestone and its ecosystem

Digital technology is revolutionizing the way organizations work at a dizzying pace. Although it is a source of innovation and progress, its impact on the environment is more severe than had been thought until recently. According to a study by the Shift project, the digital industry now emits about 4% of the world's greenhouse gases, and its energy consumption is increasing by nearly 6% per year[3].

For Wavestone, lessening our digital footprint is a key challenge. Due to the nature of our business and the widespread adoption of remote working, digital technology now accounts for over 40% of the firm's carbon footprint (note that in a nominal year, the nominal rate is estimated to be about 30%).

Throughout the firm, several sustainable IT initiatives are underway:

  • Precise measuring of Wavestone's digital carbon footprint, with a progressive extension of the scope of analysis (SaaS services & digitalized infrastructures) to make it as comprehensive as possible; 
  • Implementation of a detailed plan to reduce Wavestone's greenhouse gas emissions arising from the use of digital technology; 
  • A gradual increase in the lifespan of digital equipment and the implementation of a circular economy approach; 
  • Including environmental criteria in requests for proposals in order to raise awareness of the issue among the firm's ecosystem;
  • Progressively raising employee awareness, in particular by means of campaigns dedicated to climate-related issues (participation in the Climate Fresk) and digital environmental issues (participation in The Digital Collage) so that these issues are naturally integrated into all future projects.
  • The establishment of a responsible consulting approach in order to integrate issues related to the reduction of our clients ‘carbon footprint;
  • The establishment of a solid “Sustainable Tech” community of more than 100 employees, capable of providing a real depth of expertise to our clients when it comes to adopting a responsible approach to digital technology.

"By joining the community of INR Charter signatories, Wavestone will bring a cross-disciplinary overview of the trends and sustainable IT practices of the major corporations and administrations that we provide with assistance " explains Jean-Baptiste Blondel, Senior Manager at Wavestone and sponsor of the Sustainable approach at Wavestone.

Why sign the Sustainable IT Charter?

By signing the Sustainable IT Charter, Wavestone not only commits to adopting a responsible attitude to IT, but also to pursue its actions in a way of continuous improvement of all other aspects of CSR and throughout its value chain. This approach aims to take positive action for, and with, all the firm's internal stakeholders (employees), as well as external ones (clients, suppliers, etc.) in order to improve Wavestone's impact on social, societal, economic, and environmental issues. 

"The signing of the INR Charter is in line with Wavestone's long-standing commitments to environmental, social and societal objectives. This initiative is our way of making a public commitment to continuous improvement. What do we hope to achieve? Our goal is to strengthen our corporate culture and extend its spirit to all the external stakeholders that we work with from day to day,” says Hélène Cambournac, CSR Manager at Wavestone.

In practical terms, by signing the Sustainable IT Charter Wavestone commits to:

– optimizing digital tools to limit their impact and consumption

– developing accessible, inclusive, and sustainable services for all

– implementing ethical and responsible digital practices

– moving towards sustainable digital technology, which is essential to ensure the resilience of organizations

– fostering the emergence of new working habits and values

About Wavestone

In a world where knowing how to transform is the key to success, Wavestone's mission is to enlighten and guide major corporations and organizations in their most critical transformations with the goal of making them positive for all stakeholders. We call it “The Positive Way.”

Wavestone has over 3,400 employees in eight countries. It is one of the leading independent consultancy firms in Europe, and is the number 1 independent consultancy firm in France.

Wavestone is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Paris and is a certified Great Place To Work®.

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[1] For more information, see our Non-Financial Performance Statement 2020/2021:

[2] Think-tank created in 2018, the INR (Institut du Numérique responsable) aims in particular to raise awareness of the need to build a digital environment that is respectful of the environment, as well as inclusive, supportive and ethical. It is the creator of the Responsible Digital Label and charter.

[3] [Only in French]

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