Consulting: be a catalyst for business

Our consulting teams are looking to hire interns, graduates and experienced profiles across all areas of excellence.

Wavestone consultants stand out for their innovative and pragmatic approach, their agility, and their business and tech savvy. A unique blend of qualities that delivers added-value consulting to our clients.


Being able to work for a range of demanding clients committed to the success their projects is what led me to join Wavestone. After several years working for the firm, I’m as enthusiastic as ever!

Sarah, Senior Manager – ESCP 2002

I was looking for an environment providing intellectual stimulation within a great network of support. Gaining cross-sector knowledge on a steep learning curve at Wavestone has been a gratifying experience.

Christina, Consultant – Warwick University 2015

Wavestone’s international ambition and the excitement surrounding the new brand stood out for me when it came to choosing the best environment to kick-start my consulting career. It is very rewarding to take on challenges and learn something new every day!

Tanyel, Analyst – King’s College 2016

Commercial roles: support our growth

Our business division is looking to hire interns, graduates and experienced profiles to help establish Wavestone’s reputation as a go-to partner for major accounts.

Wavestone account managers work closely with department managers and associates to identify opportunities and win key client projects designed to lead them into the digital age.


In our field, we promote many different areas of expertise to a wide range of clients. Given the specific nature of our role and the firm’s ambitions, you need to love challenges and have a flair for business.

Lise, Account Manager – EDHEC 2011

From prospecting, to needs qualification, proposal development, negotiation, influencing, closing, and maintaining the business relationship… I get involved in a broad range of operational and strategic activities, every day, as I develop my client portfolio.

Régis, Account Developer – Kedge Business School 2014

Supporting business functions: be involved in their development

We’re looking to hire interns, graduates and experienced profiles in the following departments: finance, HR development, recruitment and communications.

Beyond developing job-related expertise, Wavestone functional teams actively contribute to the firm’s growth, carrying our ambitious vision with dedication and resourcefulness.


After two years as a consultant, I decided to take a new direction in my career with an internal move to the ISD. It was an opportunity to support Wavestone’s growth by working on our end-to-end strategic IT projects. It was a real challenge… always very demanding work, and, above all, required close involvement with the senior management team.

Emmanuelle, Information Systems – ENSEIRB 2011

Being in the thick of it, managing projects from start to finish and seeing their impact, and working in an intellectually stimulating environment are what motivates me on a day-to-day basis. Tight-knit collaboration with associates helped me gain a clear understanding of how consultancy works from the outset.

Louis, Recruitment Team – Grenoble EM 2016